Spring “Courant” Launch Party Celebrates Student Artists with Music, Performance, and a Communal Mural

Sarah Chen ’21 and Ariel Wang ’21 were two of many attendees at the Spring “Courant” launch party, which featured music, refreshments, and a decorated photo booth.

Soft singing and gentle acoustic melodies filled the air as the sun slowly set over the patio outside Susie’s. Plastic balls from a ball pit were strewn across the floor, and across the back wall hung a large canvas, filled with painted patterns and colors left by students.

Mac Callahan ’19, one of the Editors-in-Chief of “The Courant,” said, “My favorite part of the night was when we were cleaning up and got to see that so many people had contributed to our community mural. This was the first year we’ve every attempted to do such a thing, and I think turned out to be a success. At the beginning of the night we had laid out a ten-foot blank canvas and encouraged people to paint or draw on it however they wished. By the end of the party, it was covered in words, colorful designs, and patterns.”

Last Friday, “The Courant” hosted their spring launch party, an event at which the magazine’s latest issue was released. In addition, refreshments were offered, as well as live music and a photobooth.

“Not only were we selling the spring issue of ‘The Courant’ at the party, but we also offered party-goers’ refreshments, a photobooth, played music, and hosted live performances. Many poets, including our featured writer Quinn Robinson [’19], performed their work live during the party,” said Callahan.

Party attendee Michelle Ng ’19, who had never attended a past launch party, thought that it was a good event to boost awareness of the club and help foster a fun environment on campus.

“After going, I now know a lot more about the publication as well as the people involved. Also, I think it’s important to have campus events that aren’t hosted by the school, as students can then mold the event to their liking and craft their ideal event, which sometimes appeals to the general student body more,” wrote Ng in an email to The Phillipian.

Shyan Koul ’19 concluded the event by singing and playing the piano, in a rendition of “Small Talk” by James Cherry. According to Koul, the community’s reception and attitude towards art and performance was a key reason that he enjoyed attending and performing at the launch party.

“I really liked how excited people were to listen and take in the art in different ways. People were so eager to be engaged with the community mural and intent when they were listening to people performing, and reading the actual ‘Courant’ during that time. I loved how people were so receptive to everything,” said Koul.