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Girls Lacrosse Senior Reflections

At the beginning of their final seasons competing for Andover, returning Seniors reflect on their time as part of the Girls Lacrosse Team. Here, the Seniors share those thoughts with The Phillipian.

M.Zhang/The Phillipian

Brooke Keough

The team at Andover is so fun because everyone always works so hard. Whether it’s a practice or game, everyone gives it their all and this makes everyone around them so much better. This season, we are playing in a mini tournament with a few other teams at the end of the season. I am so excited because we never have playoffs or anything, so this is definitely something we are all looking forward to participating in for the first time.

Annie Lord

The team has been doing a lot of rebuilding recently, and it’s been so fun to watch us get stronger as a team. Our level of play has definitely elevated over the past few seasons, and it’s fun to watch that play out as the season progresses…[My biggest goal for the season is to] be present and be supportive. Even though I don’t play, there are a lot of other ways I can help the team. I think positive thinking and high energy is really important whether you’re on the field or not, and my goal is to maintain that this season

T.Wei/The Phillipian

Abbey Otterbein

I love lacrosse’s back and forth competition. There is never a definite outcome from the beginning, at any moment in the game, the momentum can change and one team can come out on top. I like lacrosse at Andover because we are all working together everyday wanting to get better.

G.Flanagan/The Phillipian

Jackie McCarthy

My top goal this season is to beat Exeter for our final game of the season. One of the traditions this team has is that if we win the Exeter game while away, the seniors and uppers all jump off the bridge on the pathway to their stadium. I watched my older sister and her teammates do it when I was in eighth grade, and have since always been hoping to do the same myself. We only beat Exeter by one goal last season so it should definitely a really intense and exciting game.

M/Levy/The Phillipian

Kelly McCarthy

I would have to say that my teammates are what makes the sport so special at Andover. Of course, we take our practices and preparations for game seriously, but we find plenty of time to goof around and have fun…I’m excited to beat Phillips Exeter Academy on their home turf this season. Of course beating Exeter is a goal for any sport, any time of year, but especially being a senior and this being my last A/E, I want to end it with a great team win.