Co-Captain Meghan Ward ’19 Utilizes Tri-Varsity Experience

D. Owyang/The Phillipian

Co-Captain Meghan Ward ’19 exemplifies the importance of hard wordk to her teammates.

Before moving to a new town in fifth grade, Megan Ward ’19 had never played lacrosse. According to Ward, at first, she saw lacrosse as a way to make new friends and have fun in her new community; however, now, as a Co-Captain of Andover Girls Lacrosse, she tries hard to keep the team focused during the distracting Spring term.

“I would say that my biggest responsibility would be keeping the focus up on the team especially with a spring sport at Andover. It can be really easy to lose focus and look forward to other things, but we have a lot of talent this year, so I think my biggest responsibility is making sure that we use our talent to the highest extent to have the best success we can,” said Ward.

According to Kelly McCarthy ’19 and Lilly Feeney ’20, Ward is able to promote positivity in the team using her spirit and experience as a multi-sport athlete and being Captain of Andover Field Hockey.

Feeney said, “Based on the fact that she is captain of two Varsity teams, I think it really shows her character and her willingness to lead by example but also be a great teammate. She demonstrates her athleticism and her ability to lift people up when they’re having a bad day is really something I aspire to emulate.”

Carly Kreytak ’20 said, “She has the confidence to hold her teammates accountable which is really inspiring. It’s sometimes hard to make sure everyone is held accountable, but I think Meghan does a good job of giving constructive criticism and it’s clear she has the team’s best interest in mind.”

Ward demonstrates her leadership through her hard work and hustle during both practices and games, according to Kreytak and McCarthy.

Kreytak said, “At the spring training trip that we went on as a team in Florida, we listened to this speech about leadership. They said there’s no such thing as leading by example, and that’s because leading by example is just doing what you need to do to be a good teammate, like working hard 100 percent of the time, showing up on time, always being ready to play, holding your teammates accountable, et cetera. I think Meghan does all of those things, which sets an example, but really just shows what we need to be doing.”

McCarthy said, “I think her hustle is really noticeable on the field, whether it be just a practice or just a drill that we’re performing or it’s actual game time, you see that she is working 100 percent all of the time. That just makes you want to give in all as well.”

Though Ward also plays field hockey and hockey, she never wavers in her devotion to lacrosse.

“I feel like one of the best thing Meg does is being very dialed into the sports she is playing that season especially since she’s primarily a field hockey player. She’s very focused on the task at hand, and I think that makes her a good leader. She is all about what is best for the team and isn’t really focused on advancing in field hockey in lacrosse season,” said Feeney.

Ward’s example exemplifies to her teammates the importance of hard work and causes her to be seen as a figure to look up to.

“I just feel like Meg is such a great leader and has really taught me a lot about leading a team. She has such great qualities that I aspire to be,” said Feeney.