Senior Reflections

At the beginning of their final seasons competing for Andover, returning seniors reflect on their time as a part of the Golf and Cycling teams.


Captain Harry Choi

In general, I’ve had the incredible privilege to be on this team all of my four years at Andover, so that’s been very special to me. But having the opportunity to play golf every day, Monday through Friday, is just amazing, and I will always cherish the relationships I’ve made since the beginning of my time on the Andover Golf Team.

Zach Abruzzese

I’ve only been on the team for a year, but it’s been a heck of a time, between “practice” matches that get super competitive and joking around in rally wagons or on the course between shots. I’ll probably miss playing every day, because it’s super relaxing with a nice group of friends, especially when it’s nice out.


Co-Captain Floyd Greenwood

[Cycling has changed me because] I think there is an aspect of even though we are individuals [in the race], it’s really team based and everyone’s there to support you…. Of course [I will miss] the people involved… but also the cycling team itself, because I hadn’t done any road cycling before this, and this was sort of my introduction to that, so I will miss that part of it.

Co-Captain Abigail Johnson

It’s a pretty small team, and we get to become really close over the course of the race season— they are the people who support me when I am struggling, and the people I train alongside and [who] inspire me. Also, all of the races that we do are in beautiful places usually up north, sometimes in the mountains, and so you can be riding along and pass by a horse farm or a porcupine.

Phillip Matteini

Cycling has been really really special for me because last year was the first time that I ever competed in the sport. Going into it, I just thought it was going to be something that would keep me in shape for soccer season, because that’s my main sport. I think I just found that the team dynamic was so close and tight knit that it really became an experience of its own. I guess that’s something I didn’t really expect going into it, simply because I had played one sport for essentially the last several years of my life, and cycling not only opened myself to a new experience athletically, but it permitted me to meet and grow close to a really great group of people.