Students Enjoy Time with Friends at Giant Games

The crash of a toppling giant Jenga tower disrupted the Giant Chess game in Susie’s last Friday. Nearby, students on the inflatable Giant Twister game watched anxiously as the giant colorful spinner whirred to their next command. The Giant Games event was organized by Student Activities Board (STACT), which also provided giant Connect 4 and Snakes and Ladders.

“I like how this event really makes students interact with each other, because people play board games less here…and now we can play all these familiar board games with new people,” said Katherine Bell ’22.

Several attendees named Giant Twister as their favorite game because of the challenge it brought.

“I think the Giant Twister thing was my favorite event because so many people could really get involved and there is a really big arena where people can play,” said Jeffrey McDonnell ‘19.

Attendee Chenault Ellis ‘22 added, “I love being able to hang out with mis amigos and have a good time… I especially like the Twister game because it really stretches you both mentally and physically and it’s really fun to play.”

Chi Igbokwe ‘21, on the other hand, felt that the event was rather uninteresting. She stated that events organized by STACT could benefit from more student input on what more people may be interested in.

“Personally I think that student activities have kinda been lacking this year. I feel like the activities that they have just get more and more dull… There [are] a small amount of people that enjoy playing giant chess and I just don’t really understand why that’s a thing to do on a Friday night… I just think that they should really try to survey the students accurately and not do things like this ‘cause it really reminds me of elementary school,” said Igbokwe.

Other students, however, named chess as their favorite activity at the event.

“I played a really cool chess game with three of my other friends. We played doubles… There wasn’t much to do. It was a Friday night so I’m really grateful for this event. It was really fun. I liked just to be able to hang out with my friends and be able to play like a really competitive game of chess. There should be more people here, that’s all,” said attendee Jason Li ’21.

The Giant Games event also provided a chance for students to play in teams and challenge their friends.

“Jenga was really fun, it really brought our team together, like we were really able to have really healthy and fun competition with awesome friends, and we’re really able to think about other people too,“ said Ariana White ’22.