Show All at Snow Ball

H.Solomon/The Phillipian

Sebastian Romero ’20

The Snow Ball was really well put together in my opinion. The decorations were fantastic, but what stood out to me was the wide assortment of snacks that were offered. A lot of my friends and I went, and we just had a really fun time dressing up and dancing.

H.Solomon/The Phillipian

Nikita Murcomew ’21

The dance was okay. I mostly went to the dance to dress up with my friends and we spent most of the time taking photos, which was more fun than dancing in Lower Right. I borrowed a cigarette jacket from my mom for my outfit, which was super cute.

H.Solomon/The Phillipian

Samantha Flores ’22

I bought my dress on Amazon, which has a reputation to produce low quality dresses but surprisingly the dress didn’t turn out that bad: simplistic but nice. The Snow Ball was a night to remember, definitely one of the funniest ones; I loved spending time with my friends.

H.Solomon/The Phillipian

Izzy Poros ’21

I thought it was a really fun time, though I spent most of the evening taking pictures with my friends. A lot of people had complaints about the music, but I had fun dressing up and dancing a bit. I got my outfit on Depop, an online thrifting site, for 15 dollars in a pinch before the dance.

H.Solomon/The Phillipian

Zoe Sylvester-Chin ’19

It was the perfect excuse to buy a long dress and look a little fancier for a night. The food was also by far the best refreshment spread I’ve ever seen at a school-sponsored dance. Overall, it was a great way to spend the last weekend before break!

H.Solomon/The Phillipian

Natalie Shen ’20

It started with me wanting to go, but I didn’t have a dress. Then [Stephanie] Cormier, [Student Program Coordinator] sent out that email that said “Come as you are” so I was like, “Wow, what do I have?” I do have a deer onesie and so I thought I might just come comfortable.