New Teaching Fellows for the 2018-2019 School Year

The Teaching Fellowship Program allows recent college graduates to begin a career in teaching. During their one-year appointment, fellows teach classes and are mentored of other instructors in their department. They also partake in residential life and athletic coaching on campus.

Amani Core


I decided to come to Andover because it was a familiar environment as my high school educational experience, and I was curious about how these schools functioned from the teacher’s perspective.  Additionally,  I hope to find interesting ways to lead younger students in their learning experience.


Jack Schrupp


I had a really positive experience at boarding school myself, spending time with teachers and sharing so many experiences with them. I wanted to see if it was just as rewarding from the other side, standing at the blackboard instead of sitting at a desk.

Devin O’Reilly


I hope the training room is welcoming. At some schools, you see kids afraid to come to the trainer’s because they don’t want to be out of the game or because they don’t want to tell anyone they’re hurt, so I just hope it’s a welcoming environment. And I also hope I’m someone, inside and outside of the training room, that kids can come talk to, whether it be about athletics of personal life.


Teddy Romeyn


My high school teacher really made me want to become a teacher. I went to boarding school as well — I went to Deerfield — and I think that especially teaching at a boarding school is about so much more than just a paycheck. You have to have a passion for it, because you’re around your students in several facets of life.

Rachel Murree

Philosophy and Religious Studies

I really love philosophy, and I wanted to see if I wanted to keep doing it. I thought this would be a good opportunity to try teaching and approach it as someone who’s not a student, but as someone who is responsible for the material and an instructor.


Evelyn Davis

Philosophy and Religious Studies

I came out of an excitement for Andover’s emphasis on students and faculty living and thinking in community. The learning neither begins nor ends in the classroom — there is “education” in all that we do!

Alicia Finney


I was incredibly fortunate to have a wonderful mentor in college who was familiar with the Teaching Fellow program and recommended I apply. During my first visit, I was so impressed with the engagement and sense of community among the student body, as well as the commitment to inclusion I saw on campus that I felt confident that this was a place I would be proud to be part of!


Yena Kang


The resources and opportunities that Andover is able to provide its students creates a uniquely supportive and collaborative environment where each individual has immense potential to create positive change. With the focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as an advanced academic program, I was drawn to the impact I could make as an instructor and member of this community.

Rose Rosenthal


I really try to set up my classroom environment around learning, and just making sure that the students understand that we’re in the class to learn, and I’m not trying to punish them for being stressed, having anxiety, or just having a busy schedule. I want students to feel like they don’t need to just do well on the test, but actually learn the material.


William Yu


“Every since I was in middle school, I realized I had a knack for explaining things to others. For a while, that didn’t really materialize into a desire to actually teach. Initially, I wanted to go into medicine, but the rational was similar to teaching: I was good at school and I loved biology. It wasn’t until after taking my MCATs and all the required material when I had to do a little bit of soul searching [and I realized I wanted to become a teacher].”

Midori Ishizuka ’11

History and Social Science

“I decided to come to Andover because I was ready to switch careers. I had been working at an advertising agency in New York City and was not the person I want to be. I wanted to try teaching before graduate school and when this opportunity arose it was a no-brainer—Andover is such an inclusive, diverse, and welcoming yet challenging environment and I would know since I’m an alumna (’11)!”


Elizabeth Jancsy


I was drawn to Andover by the school’s mission of Non Sibi. I strive to create and contribute to an environment that is supportive and inclusive, and knew that Andover also shared this value. The community at Andover is unlike any community I have ever been a part of, and I felt that the second I stepped foot on to the campus.