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Look of the Week: Amelia Meyer ’21 Combines Pinterest and Tumblr with DIY Meme Fashion

Wearing a pastel sweatshirt with standard leggings, anyone might think that the clothing worn by Amelia Meyer ’21 is nothing out of the ordinary.

“I want to make people laugh with everything that I do and that includes how I dress. If I dress funny and it makes people laugh, then it makes me happy,” said Meyer.

Meyer’s closet consists of clothing that she has made or purchased, and much of her fashion is inspired by memes. When creating clothing, Meyer uses Google Docs to curate a collection of memes to inspire her fashion. Then using glue and string, Meyer attaches meme-inspired patches that she purchases onto her sweatshirts.

“I’ve got [a sweatshirt] that has a Spoderman on the front. I played dress up a lot when I was a young child, [but] I’ve pretty much dressed like a boy until about a week ago, and then I decided that it was time to change. [The ideas for outfits] just pop into my head and I’m like ‘that would be sick,’ ” said Meyer.

Meyer cites her pink Peppa Pig backpack as an accessory that she cannot go without. Students and faculty members have often pointed out her bright backpack as she walks around campus.

“So, I walked into Target by myself, and I walked down the backpack aisle, and I saw this Peppa Pig backpack, and I looked at the tag, and I was like, ‘This is cute.’ And then I saw the monetary value attached to it—only fourteen dollars—and I decided, right then and there, that I was going to cop it. It just had to happen,” said Meyer.

When Clara Isaza-Bishop, Chair and Instructor in Spanish, saw Meyer’s backpack, she remarked, “Es un cerdito. Muy bonita,” meaning “It’s a little pig. Very nice.”

S.Bahnasy/The PhillipianAccording to Meyer, her passion for memes has gone on ever since she could remember. But besides her meme-inspired clothing, Meyer considers her Vans to be another staple part of her fashion. She hopes to expand her shoe collection to also reflect her love for memes.

Meyer curates a collection of memes for clothing inspiration.

“I like to wear Vans for about eight thousand years at a time. Mostly, my shoes don’t work on rainy days because they have holes in the bottom, but I’ve always wanted Crocs with little Heely wheels on the bottom, and maybe one has Lightning McQueen and the other has Shrek. I’ve never been able to find a pair just like that,” said Meyer.

Meyer tends to wear clothes that she feels comfortable in or finds funny, not ones that are particularly trendy. While Meyer recognizes the use of fashion as self-empowerment, she also believes in the value of cheap, but staple items. Meyer says she believes that more people feel comfortable wearing whatever they want and not feel pressured to wear certain thing.

“You should just wear clothes, dress like you are Britney Spears,” said Meyer.

Editor’s Note: This article has been modified since its original publication.