Photo Essay: Architecture

This week’s photo essay features pictures of architecture from around Phillips Academy campus.

Afternoon light reflects off of the dark wooden trim of a window sill in Paresky Commons.

The Bell Tower rises out of the sky behind the tangling of tree branches.


The beginnings of a sunset are seen in a reflection of a mirror in Paresky Commons.


The year 1807 is etched in Roman numerals above the door leading inside Pearson Hall, the classics building.


The weather vane atop Samuel Phillips Hall, a golden arrow, points Southeast.


The stairs leading to the Addison Gallery of American Art are illuminated at night, providing light for students seeking to study there on Addison Wednesdays.


A rusted iron grill guards a window set in a brick wall.


A lighting fixture outside George Washington Hall exhibits worn craftsmanship with cast iron features.


With geometric detailing, this light fixture hangs on the ceiling of Samuel Phillips Hall.


A small spherical light hangs from the ceiling of George Washington Hall and gives the space a golden hue.


Splashes of jade moss cover the surface of these rocks lining a pathway in front of George Washington Hall.


A halo of light hangs in the lobby of Morse Hall, casting reflections in nearby mirrors.


Light radiates through a small window in a staircase in Morse, hopefully an indication of warm weather in days to come.