The Eighth Page

Phillipian Satire: Last Minute Halloween Costumes!

Scrambling to find something to wear to the Halloween Dance this Saturday? Have no fear — the Eighth Page has you covered!

1. Add-drop slip: wear a slip and write add-drop on it, what did you think this was gonna be?

2. Tenacious teaching fellow: for this costume, you will need a nice pair of plain blue jeans, a long sleeved woollen sweater, essays and test papers with the number 3 circled in red pen, don’t forget a fairly anxious and tense personality.

3. Half-horse, half sea-horse: if a donkey and a sea horse had a child, would it be a sea mule? [ed. note: how would this even work?]

4. Something from a movie you like: or a TV show or a book or something. Whatever, it kind of feels like we’re doing all the work for you, doesn’t it? You can probably figure this one out.

5. Cute, classy, and a little bit sassy:  wear that controversial flowchart from last year as a toga!