Girls Volleyball

Evans Plays with Agression, Leads with Compassion

Entering her fourth year on Andover Girls Volleyball, Co-Captain Janneke Evans ’18 said playing volleyball at Andover has helped shape her as both a player and as a person.

“The team has been like a family. I’ve really liked it. It’s like another support system. As a co-captain, you have to be able to absorb other girl’s frustrations. You have to be a rock, a backbone for them,” said Evans.

Evans’ supportive outlook on her role as a co-captain drives her leadership, according to her teammates. “I know how they feel. I just want to help as much as I can,” said Evans.

Brooke Fleming ’20 said, “Janneke will bring you to the side if you are confused and help you out, whether it’s about volleyball or just life. I’ve gotten a lot more confident in my abilities.”

Evans is an outside hitter who typically seals each point, specifically by repositioning herself on the court if her teammates make a mistake. According to her teammates, Evans leads not only by voicing her opinions and taking care of her teammates, but also by example.

Newcomer Violet Enes ’21 said, “Janneke works really well with the other captains. Janneke speaks, Serena is there for [moral] help, Claudia is more physical help. At team prep, [Janneke] got us tie dye to dye our shirts. She also got us stickers that say PAVB.”

Evans has helped newer players become comfortable with the sport, according to Fleming.

Fleming said, “Janneke is an aggressive player. She will always go for the attack if the circumstances allow her. Last year I was a bit timid, like I knew how good the team was. But now I just want to contribute to the team and play, and a lot of what I am now is thanks to Janneke.”