Andover Softball Defeats First Opponent of the Season

Eagerly tracking a fly ball that was heading into foul territory, Rachel Lin ’18 was able to snag the ball out of midair and secure an out for Andover Softball in its first regular season game against Nobles and Greenough on Wednesday. Lin’s play propelled Andover to shut out its opponents 2-0, bringing its season record to 1-0.

Newcomer Emma Slibeck ’20 said, “One major difference that we had this game was in our small ball. This obviously payed off. Our fielding improved as well, we held off Nobles the entire game with a final score of 2-0.”

Ali Nunes ’17 said, “The team did a good job in the field making the outs that needed to be made. It allowed Rachel Moore to throw fewer pitches after getting hit in the shin by a wild pitch. Everyone was playing hard and communicating with each other.”

In preparation for Wednesday’s game, the team was able to get outside on the field and focus on bunting and defense, which made a large impact in its ability to secure the win.

Slibeck said, “We played a lot of really good small ball this game and had both our runs brought in by bunts. The fielding overall this game was impressive there were a lot of great catches in the infield and outfield.”

Kaitlin Ervin ’20 said, “We did well with all defensive aspects and pitching. Specifically Rachel Lin’s catch in the outfield during the beginning of the game, and Hillary Dole [’17] went sliding in on a steal where it seemed she was out by a mile but somehow managed to knock the ball from the fielders glove and was safe.”

Additionally, the team improved on its communication for its game and was able to make solid plays as each inning progressed.

Nunes said, “I think something we’ve been really working on lately is communication, and I felt that we were really working as a team and talking on the field today. Overall it was a great start to the season.”

The team will face off against Governor’s Academy at home on Friday.