Boys Basketball

Head Coach Terrell Ivory ’00

Andover Boys Basketball Head Coach Terrell Ivory ’00 came to Andover in 1999 as a Post-Graduate (PG) looking to pursue football and basketball, in addition to academics. Ivory thrived in both programs at Andover and began playing athletics for Davidson College.

In his first year at Davidson, Ivory played Division-I basketball and football. After his first year, Ivory stopped playing football and started to focus solely on basketball. He was mentored by Head Coach Bob McKillop, who helped inspire Ivory’s passion for coaching and for the game.

Ivory said, “All my coaches, starting with my public high school in North Carolina, to my college coach at Davidson, and all in between helped me throughout my career. They taught me not only how to play the game, but how to love it.”

Ivory has coached Andover Boys Basketball since 2012.

After graduating college, Ivory began to play professional basketball in England for a year. In England, Ivory continued to foster his love for and knowledge of the game.

“Playing with such a talented group of guys was an amazing experience. I learned a lot and had a great time. It was every kid’s dream to play professional basketball and this came true,” said Ivory.

After his stint in England, Ivory began to coach basketball at Blair Academy in New Jersey for a year. He then returned to his alma mater, Davidson College, to be an assistant coach while two-time winner of the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award, Stephen Curry, played for the school.

In the fall of 2012, Ivory returned to Andover to begin coaching. He realized that this was the perfect opportunity for him to share his love and knowledge of basketball with the kids playing the game.

He said, “I knew I couldn’t play professionally anymore, but I really enjoyed being around the game of basketball. I realized that coaching was the perfect thing to do. It’s something that I’m passionate about and I want to teach others; not only how to play on the court, but how to keep them prepared off the court as well.”

Ivory’s love for the game can be seen through his practices. He comes in each day and gets his players excited and ready to play hard and improve.

Captain Andrew Reavis ’17 said, “He is a great coach who cares a lot about the team and is constantly trying to make us better, weather this be through drills, extra work, or coaching during practice.”

PG Kalain Lee ’17 said, “He brings good energy to practice everyday that me and all the guys feed off of. It makes us play better basketball and overall be more energetic during practice.”

Ivory also spends a great amount of time with each of his players individually in order to better their skills.

“He has helped me get a better feel for the game, and get better at the little things which make a big difference,” added Lee.

Ivory pushes his players and the team to be the best competitors they can be. He believes that the only way to improve is to put in the effort required and to work as hard as possible.

Jason Reynolds ’18 said, “His passion, energy, and willingness to better his team is unmatched among the Nepsac coaches. He pushes all of us to our full potential.”

Newcomer Dallion Johnson ’20 said, “He spends many hours finding ways to get us better as a team. He sacrifices his time for us, and that’s what great coaches do.”

Thus far in Andover’s season, Ivory has led his team to a 2-2 in-league record. Heading into the middle of the season with a strong group of guys, Ivory looks to guide the team to a playoff berth this year.