Boys Hockey

Boys Hockey Co-Captain: Jack Cusack ’18

Jack Cusack ’18 grew up in a family filled with hockey players. His father and his older brother both played the sport, and, as a result, Cusack started playing at the early age of three.

He arrived at Andover as a Junior with 12 years of hockey experience. His refined skills and knowledge of the game allowed him to join Andover Boys Hockey as a Junior and guide the team as a Co-Captain in his Upper year.

Cusack shares the title of Co-Captain with Jonny Edelson ’17 this season. “I am very excited to be a co-captain this year. Jonny Edelson and I work very well together as captains and we both have the same mind set. Although it is a difficult task and a lot to do, working with Jonny makes it easy,” Cusack said.

Edelson said, “Jack is one of my best friends and we work really well together. I think he has done a good job setting a great example for some of the younger guys on the team and really showing that just because he is younger doesn’t mean he can’t be a leader. He is a great captain and me and the rest of the team are lucky to have him.”

Prior to Andover, Cusack played hockey at Hillside School for two years. There, Cusack was able to develop his skills and gain hours of experience on the ice.

Newcomer Christian Powers ’19 said, “Jack has been playing hockey for a while now and it really shows. He brings his knowledge and awareness to the ice during practice and in games. Being a forward we rely a lot on his ability to lead the offense, as well as help out on defense. He also is a very skilled player and this allows him to contribute to the team greatly.”

Cusack plays right wing and has excellent awareness and a high hockey I.Q., allowing him to thrive on both ends of the ice.

Cole Quisenberry ’18 said, “Cusack has contributed greatly to the team this year. It may not necessarily be with a goal, but the plays he makes benefits everyone.”

“Jack always knows what’s going on, on the ice. He knows when to make the right cuts and when to make the right passes. His knowledge is always super helpful during games and practices as well,” said Carter Giampietro ’19. 

With several newcomers to the team, Cusack has helped all of them fit into the program and make an immediate impact on the team.

“I was new to the team this year and Jack has done a great job of helping me become a part of the program and find my role in the team,” said Powers.

Giampietro said, “I joined the team this year and Jack was able to help me learn the plays and become a part of the team overall.”

With Cusack and Edelson at the helm, Andover has consistently found itself in the win column, and the team is confident that its captains will continue to lead by example. 

“I’ve played with Cusack for three years now and he has always been making great plays for the team,” said Sam Bird ’18. “He has been a great leader on the ice so far this season.”

Cusack said, “The guys this year are great. Everyone gets along and there are no problems. We are off to a great start and are looking forward to keeping it going.”