Spook-Tacular Costumes Spice Up Halloween

Students dressed up in various costumes to celebrate Halloween at a dance co-hosted by Flagstaff and Pine Knoll clusters in Borden Gym this past Saturday. All proceeds from the dance will be donated to the Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund for people affected by the hurricane.

As one of the winners of the annual Halloween Dance contest, Rebecca Marrow ’17, Emma Murphy ’17, and Skyler Sallick ’17 entered the dance in pink-haired inflatable unicorns. “We wanted to do something that nobody else was going to do for our Senior Year costume. It was so fun that we had the chance to do something together and be totally random and funny and make people laugh at the dance,” said Marrow.

Editor’s Note: Skyler Sallick is a Video Editor for The Phillipian.

Brushing his blonde wig out of his eyes, Will Raphael ’18 modeled a decorative blue and white bedazzled unitard as Ice from the comedy movie “Blades of Glory.” Along with Alexander Cleveland ’18 as Fire, the two embodied the personalities of the characters in the movie. “‘Blades of Glory’ is incredibly goofy, which is right up my alley when it comes to comedies. Will Ferrell is one of my favorite actors and I think this is his best movie. It is incredibly different from any other comedy I’ve ever seen,” said Raphael.

Garnering attention on the dance floor, Rosie Poku ’17 dressed up in a neon yellow mustard bottle-shaped suit. “I was DJ Mustard, literally. I got a mustard costume, and then some of my friends helped me write ‘DJ’ on top. I thought it was pretty punny. I love a good pun,” said Poku. “It was a fun costume and not too complicated to create.”

Greeting the masses of students pouring into Borden Memorial Gym, David Kwon ’17 sported a purple onesie with a silver television screen on his stomach and a triangle-shaped antenna on his head. “My costume was Tinky-Winky, the purple Teletubby. I bought it on Amazon as a late-night, last-minute decision because who doesn’t miss their favorite childhood TV shows? I also wanted to make my final year’s Halloween costume here memorable,” said Kwon.

Daniela Ronga ’18 and Anushree Gupta ’18 attended the dance in matching red and green T-shirts with overalls and signature Mario Brother hats to mimic the Super Mario brothers, Mario and Luigi. “We thought that the idea fit our personalities well,” said Ronga. “The costumes were really upbeat, colorful, and animated. Our personalities fit pretty seamlessly together so we figured that it related well to Mario and Luigi since they fit together and complement each other well too.”