The Eighth Page

Features — Phillipian Satire: Politics Overheard on the Paths

“I’m coming upon my one year mark for avoiding all political conversations here at Andover. Of course, I succeeded by taping my mouth shut for a year, but I succeeded nonetheless.”

– Dante Giovanni ’19

“Is it possible to transfer from a day student to an international student? Like, just to a Canadian border-town?”

– Edith Wyne ’17

“I think it’s important for all opinions, both liberal and conservative, to be heard. Especially that thing Trump said about Megyn Kelly.”

– Gemyn Kelly ’19

“Firstly, I am the head of the PA Liberal Echo Chamber Club. But I bet you already get my emails. Sorry, I only hear my own opinions; did you ask a question?”

– Clay Mackinson ’17

“Although I don’t identify with any major political party, I have to say that this election has me thinking about our country’s history. More importantly, I am thinking about my 4 in History 300.”

– Doreen Dory ’18

“Academics are taking a weird turn at Andover since the debate. The phrase ‘inner-city’ was on my last vocab quiz.”

– Rocco Road ’20