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Golf Captain Feature: Peter Hahn ’16

On the course, Co-Captain Peter Hahn ’16 relies on his acute putting skills and cool demeanor to sink his shots when he needs them to fall. These qualities, among others, will make him one of Andover’s top players this season.

Cam Kerry ’16, one of Hahn’s teammates, said, “He’s a great player. He specializes around the greens – he can put anything within a hundred yards to a couple feet, he’s a good putter [and has] really good nerves especially when the pressure’s on.”

A four-year member of the team, Hahn embraces his leadership role and leads by example. Hailing from Georgetown, Mass., Hahn started playing golf with his father and only started competing when he got to Andover.

Hahn uses his passion and knowledge of the game to help his teammates improve throughout the season.

Ryan Simard ’16 said, “Although golf is mostly an individual sport, if you ever need help reading a putt or trying to figure out a shot, Peter is always there to help you out. Instead of telling you what to do, however, Peter just tells you what he thinks all the options are, allowing you to make your own decision on what shot you want to take.”

As Hahn steps into the role of Co-Captain this season, he looks to form bonds with every player and bring together the whole team. Orlando Figus ’16 said, “He stands out within the team because he enjoys playing with every teammate and always tries to help out the lower classmen to make them better and to improve the Andover golf program as a whole.”

Although he came to Andover without competitive golf experience, Hahn has worked tirelessly to become one of Andover’s top players this season. Head Coach Brian Faulk ’00 said, “He has improved dramatically since Junior year, earning a starting spot on the varsity team as an Upper; this serves as a good example for the younger kids and impresses upon them the importance of ethic and practice.”

Hahn works hard and always tries his best in practices and matches, making him a great role model for younger players to look up to. Hahn said, “I think competitively I hold myself to a little bit of a higher standard. As Captain, I feel like if the leaders, theoretically all the seniors on the team, do well then that kind of confidence can translate down the ladder and certainly to the younger players.”

In addition to setting a high standard of play, Hahn tries to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for everyone on the team. Co-Captain Pranav Tadikonda ’16 said, “As a leader, Peter sets a really good example for the younger players on the team, and he makes a genuine and concerted effort to reach out to new players.”

As an overall role model for the team, Hahn has practically fulfilled the expectations he set for himself as Co-Captain: to foster both growth and relationships with his teammates.

“Peter exemplifies the best in Andover students. He is both mature, kind, and hardworking – traits that I am sure led his peers to vote him as Co-Captain,” said Coach Faulk.