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Look of the Week: Myioshi Williams ’17 Adorns Masculine Dress with Sterling-Silver Rings and Hoops

Printed boldly in gold lettering, the word “DIEM” sits in the center of a black sweater, worn by Myioshi Williams ’17. This sweater is from her uncle’s clothing line and displays a busy, chaotic pattern, including zigzags, swirls and triangles.

“I think the sweaters are probably my most unique articles of clothing because you don’t see a lot of people wearing this sort of stuff. It’s sort of loud, but at the same time it’s chill, like it will catch your eye but not too much – that’s the key with it,” said Williams.

On any given day, Williams might wear a pair of leggings with dark brown Timberland boots to match her dark gray cashmere sweater and cream-colored infinity scarf. When she was studying abroad in China last summer, Williams bought the sweater as a reminder of her host family.

“I noticed that a lot of teenagers in China wore whatever they wanted, and I kind of thought of my uncle’s motto, ‘Does it really matter?’ They sort of threw on things that caught people’s attention, but at the same time it was soft. Soft like ‘Wow that’s cool!’ but it’s not too much, so like a cartoon graphic shirt but in black and white or gray and white, [so] you would say that [it is] a pretty cool shirt but it’s not too much,” said Williams.

Williams tends to wear a lot of oversized men’s sweaters. She owns four of these sweaters from DIEM, which stands for “Does It Even Matter?” This motto is a major influence of Williams’s fashion style.

“When I pull on my outfits, I’m like, ‘Does it even matter?’ Who’s going to care? Yes, I look presentable, but I’m going to put on whatever I want because I don’t care what other people think of me. In that way, [DIEM] does relate to my style,” said Williams.

Williams, however, feels she can add a feminine flair to masculine wear by including jewelry in her outfits. Whether they’re big, sterling-silver hoops or small, black or gray studs, Williams loves to wear earrings. With every outfit, Williams wears a sterling layered bracelet and two rings.

“I wear a silver ring that I made at [ACE, a math advancement summer program,] in a silversmithing class. And the second is a wedding ring that my grandmother gave me. When I was younger, I would always ask for her rings and she would give them to me but I always lost them. So a few months ago I asked her for another one and she was like, ‘You better not lose this one!’” said Williams.

According to Williams, boots are also an essential item for her wardrobe. Williams’s affinity for boots began in fourth grade, when she would wear a pair of cowboy boots every day until the heel broke off. During her Junior Year, she wore a pair of black combat boots instead, and now she has also added sneaker high tops to her footwear collection.

“I don’t know why boots, but I find them very comfortable, and I feel like they go with everything. [They’re] easy to put on, easy to take off and [easy] to [walk] in. I’m also a sneaker person, you’ll probably see that in the spring,” said Williams.

“I would describe Myioshi’s style as a collision between Miami streetwear and classy, southern conservative. I don’t know how, but she somehow manages to make it work and it really pops out across campus. She definitely stands out against her preppy peers,” wrote Lydia Fikru ’17, a friend of Williams, in an email to The Phillipian.