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Football’s Passing Game Shows Improvement in Scrimmage

Andover Football furthered its preparation for the fall season this past Saturday with a scrimmage at Brooks. Although no official score was recorded, each team took turns punting and taking snaps on offense and defense.

Led by quarterback Robert Jones ’16, a Post-Graduate (PG), Andover excelled on offense and advanced on Brooks’ defense using effective passes.

PG tight end Hallvard Lundevall ’16 said, “The pass game was really clicking on Saturday. [Jones] was throwing great balls and got the protection he needed.”

Despite the strong offensive presence in the air, the team struggled with its running game.

Lundevall added, “We need to get off the ball quicker and lower than our opponents to make up for our size. We have all the weapons we need in the backfield as well as out wide, so if our run scheme works like we expect, defenses will have trouble with us.”

After its undefeated 2013 season and a disappointing 2014 season, Andover will be hungry to take home the NEPSAC Championship this year and get return to its winning ways.

Returning long-snapper Brandon Barros ’17 said, “I expect this team to go into every game and give everything we have. The goal is the same as always: win a championship. That being said, I’m just expecting us to go one game at a time and give 110 percent every day.”