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Captains Feature: Jack McGovern ’15 and Jordan Swett ’15

Co-Captains Jordan Swett ’15 and Jack McGovern ’15, as well as the rest of Andover Ultimate, are off to a roaring start after going 7-2 in their first nine games. Andover boasts an experienced core of 11 veterans, as well as two new members to add a bit of variety.

Swett said, “Reuben Philip [’18] is our new Junior, and Calvin Griffin [’15] is our new Post-Graduate. They’re both improving incredibly already. This is the best that I’ve seen our team in the four years that I’ve been here. We’re starting to get a feel of how each person plays. We’re starting to understand the different skills of people on the team and how to work with them.”

Philip said, “Having 11 returning players gives the team great chemistry that has clearly translated onto the field so far. We all know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to identify who can make what cuts and execute what throws is truly what makes us a great team.”

The team’s stellar chemistry required effort to develop. McGovern and Swett worked with Head Coach Scott Hoenig over the off-season to mesh the players into one cohesive unit.
Swett said, “Starting at the beginning of the year, we both had the same vision for the team. We both wanted to have a practice every week the entire year leading up to the season, so that we would be ready for the season before it came. We both put in a lot of time and work and thought into how we were going to organize practices and how we were going to create team chemistry going into the season so that we already felt like a family once the season started. It’s paid off because now we are all pretty close on the field, on the sideline and at practice.”

Hoenig wrote in an email to The Phillipian, “I depend on the Captains to run warm-ups and to keep up the enthusiasm and intensity during drills. They also organize and run small group workouts on weekends and in the off-season.”

McGovern and Swett both excel in their field awareness and their ability to find the open man. Hoenig said, “During games, they call our offenses and defenses from the field, designating particular positions and particular set plays. I rely on them to read the game situation and to make necessary calls and adjustments as needed.”

Philip added, “[McGovern] and [Swett] seem to have a sixth sense on the field. They always seem to end up being in the right place at the right time on both offense and defense.”

The Co-Captains have put an emphasis on making sure everyone is aware of their surroundings on the field, and that the players can use this awareness to their advantage.
Swett said, “I think that our overall goal is to know what kind of throws to throw to certain people: who can go deep and sky someone, who’s going to be able to throw the deep throws and who will be able to make certain cuts. I think that my personal goal for the team would be for us to have a good field sense and know who does what best.”

McGovern and Swett will leave at the end of the season, along with seven other Seniors. The chemistry that the two have developed, however, will ensure that their efforts will benefit many future Andover Ultimate teams.