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COACH FEATURE: Martha Fenton ’83

Girls Lacrosse Head Coach Martha Fenton ’83 began coaching at Andover in 1994. Since then, Fenton has coached Field Hockey, Girls Ice Hockey and Girls Lacrosse.

Fenton’s lacrosse career began at Andover, where she played for the same team she now coaches. She also played field hockey and ice hockey.

Fenton proceeded to play at the collegiate level, playing all three sports at Bowdoin College. Right after graduating from Bowdoin, Fenton started her coaching career.
She initially coached at Exeter for three years, and after her brief stint up north, she began what would become her current 21-year career at Andover. Players state that Fenton has transformed the Field Hockey, Girls Ice Hockey and Girls Lacrosse programs into teams worth paying attention to.

Caroline Garrity ’15, Captain of Girls Lacrosse, has been coached by Fenton for four years. In an email to The Phillipian, Garrity wrote, “[Fenton] has helped me approach the athletic challenges at Andover with a positive and confident attitude.”

Like all coaches, Fenton hopes her teams win every time they step on the field. Fenton does not, however, solely judge a season based on the number of wins on the team’s record. Instead, she is more concerned with the development of her players.

Fenton wrote in an email to The Phillipian, “We hope to improve after every game, both individually and as a team.”

Fenton makes an effort to conduct focused, intense practices. If one person makes a mistake, or is late to a practice, Fenton will not hesitate to call them out. This forces the team to be as perfect as possible day in and day out.

Kelly McCarthy ’16 said, “She improves us by pushing us every single day. She’s not one to let us slack off.”

Fenton does not want the girls to avoid confronting their errors.
“[Fenton] has taught each of her players to not forget their mistakes, but rather to learn from them and to take them as stepping-stones towards success,” said Garrity.

Fenton also stresses physical fitness. Before or after every practice, the team goes running or completes strength training sessions in order to improve its fitness.

Fenton not only wants the girls to improve their lacrosse game, but she wants them to grow as young women. Fenton said, “I hope they all learn to be strong, confident, young women who know what it means to put team before self.”

The messages Fenton sends do not only apply to the playing field. She makes sure that everyone is giving their all, pushing themselves and never giving up. Garrity said, “[Fenton] has a certain style that teaches us additional life lessons that make us better people on and off the field… She is a coach that you will always remember.”