The Phillipian Asks: How did you spend your summer?

Sarah Carmichael ’18
“I assisted at different food pantries and listened to employees and customers tell their own personal life stories. It was interesting to hear that their choices ultimately affected how they were now. The best part was that they were always smiling.”

Caroline Lu ’15
“I changed a lot of diapers, and, during my free days, I went to the beach and read ‘When Broken Glass Floats.’ It was a nice break from Upper year and allowed me to recharge before the start of Senior Fall.”

Madison Katz ’17
“Going from door-to-door in the neighborhoods of Salem and talking face-to-face with strangers, I gradually became more comfortable with stepping out of my comfort zone to be an integral part of a work that was really important.”

Arthur Doran ’15
“I took part in various Japanese cultural activities such as karaoke, glass blowing and flower arranging. It was fascinating to be in a foreign country, embracing the culture and customs, which were different from back home.”

Mustafa Masud ’16
“I completed a project titled ‘Competitive Landscape Analysis’ at the Staples corporate office. By posing as a customer, I compared the mobile sites and applications for Walmart, Target, Fred Meyer, Staples and Amazon. I was surrounded by a tight-knit group of employees, who supported my works.”