All for One, One For You

As penultimate week wraps up, the final push of the school year settles in. Students cluster around the long tables of Silent Study and hoard books in their dorm rooms, flipping through pages to conquer last-minute history papers and biology projects.

Outside, the stress of finals week is virtually non-existent. Students frolic and play games on the lawn, soaking up the spring sunlight. Among those relaxing on the lawn are the seniors. They can be identified by their larger than life smiles and empty backpacks, relishing their final moments on Andover’s campus.

For us, their leaving is bittersweet.

We have been counting down the days to storming the chapel, sporting navy blue shirts and screaming our spirit. We have been waiting for no initial sign in and Senior hour on Friday nights. With our ascension, however, comes the unfortunate departure of our predecessors, our teachers and our mentors.

The Class of 2014 has been our go-to for advice and friendship since we first arrived on campus in 2011. As Lowers, they welcomed us to the school and offered kind words of guidance. As Uppers, they encouraged us to join clubs and engage in the community. As Seniors, they served as leaders, prompting us to challenge ourselves and each other, encouraging us to ask the tough questions about gender, race and inequality.

To CXXXVI in particular: thank you for teaching us. We grew under your leadership, learning from both your failures and your triumphs. Since your departure in February, we have only come to value your mentorship and guidance even more. We will always treasure the time we spent with you in the newsroom and hope to make you proud.

To Fourteen: in just two weeks, you will walk down the vista and take your place among Andover’s alumni. Please know that you have shaped our school in ways you could never imagine. We are infinitely grateful for your kindness, your resilience and your undeniable Big Blue spirit.

But above all, thank you for inspiring us.

We will miss you, ’14

This editorial represents the views of The Phillipian Editorial Board CXXXVII.