Andover Reaches Record High 85 Percent Yield Rate

366 new students were admitted to Andover for the 2014-2015 academic year. The 237th incoming class consists of 182 girls and 184 boys, representing 33 states and 23 foreign countries, according to an Andover press release. 427 of 3,049 completed applications, or 14 percent, were accepted in March. 366 of the 427 admitted students will matriculate, marking a record 85 percent yield rate, an increase from last year’s 79 percent. “The demand for an Andover education continues to increase, as evidenced by our 3,049 completed applications from 50 states and 86 countries,” said James Ventre, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, in Andover’s press release. For the seventh year in a row, Andover has maintained its full need-blind admission policy, sealing Andover’s place as the only private secondary boarding school in the United States to have maintained a need-blind admissions policy since 2008. 153 members, or 42 percent of the incoming class have been awarded financial aid scholarships, with the total cost amounting to $5,775,000 in financial aid given. This is up from last year’s $5,235,000 financial aid costs. Forty-seven percent of all students at Andover receive financial aid, with 13 percent of the student body receiving full financial aid. A record high 90 percent of underrepresented students of color who were admitted have chosen to matriculate. All five of Davis International Scholars have decided to matriculate as well. The class of Davis Scholars includes students from Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Japan, Kuwait and Ukraine. More than 330 students, approximately 75 percent of the admitted student pool, participated in Andover’s annual Spring Visit Program. More than 85 percent of the students who participated in our Spring Visit Program chose to enroll at Andover, according to Andover’s press release.