Abbot Alumnae to Launch Abbot Initiative

At a dinner for Abbot Academy alumnae and Andover students on Saturday evening to celebrate forty years of coeducation, Leslie Hendrix ’73 announced the new Abbot Initiative to revamp Abbot’s involvement with Andover going forward.

The goals of the initiative include assisting with efforts to expand the Abbot archives, supporting Andover’s goal to provide an exemplary coed environment, enabling Abbot alumnae to act as resources to the school and advising Abbot alumnae on ways to foster meaningful interaction with the school and its students.

“There really should be a place and there should be a way for Abbot alumnae to make a contribution to the school and exchange information,” said Hendrix.

Hendrix said that, thus far, she has received an overwhelmingly “enthusiastic response” from students, alumni and Head of School John Palfrey since proposing the Initiative.

In addition to looking ahead to the next ten years, the Initiative will be a forum for discussion and interchange of ideas.

“[Currently], there’s no real venue for an exchange of ideas,” said Hendrix. “We really don’t have a good idea of what’s going on,” she continued.

Hendrix and other alumni have already created a steering committee with members from the class of 1973.