CAPTAINS FEATURE: Amy Morin and Renée LaMarche

Boasting a combined total of seven years on the ice for Andover Girls Hockey, Co-Captains Amy Morin ’14 and Renée LaMarche ’14 are spearheading the team’s recovery from last year’s disappointing 2-21 season. Working together to integrate new additions and a new Head Coach into the program, they have proven their leadership and look to end their Andover careers on a high note.

“[Amy and Renée] both have so many qualities that embody what you want in a captain. They are outgoing, hard-working, have great attitude and a great feel for the team,” said Head Coach Steve Weiner.

“The one quality that jumps out the most is that they are totally unselfish. Their total focus is on the well being of the team and they always put themselves last,” he continued.

Morin, a four-year Senior from Lynnfield, Massachusetts, is playing her fourth year on the ice for Andover and focuses on fostering a positive attitude in the face of adversity.

“As a Captain, I try to lead by example on and off the ice. I go to each practice with the goal to not only improve my skills, but to motivate my teammates to improve their skills,” said Morin.

“Renée and I encourage all of the girls throughout the drills at practice to skate at their top speed and cheer as loud as we can regardless of if we are winning or losing in games,” she continued.

A skillful defender and a strong presence in the rink, Morin inspires the will to win in her teammates.

“Amy is an excellent Captain. She combines the two major qualities to be a successful leader: leading by example and being a vocal leader,” said Hannah Sorkin ’14. “She is very dependable in games and practices. She always shows up ready to play and is one of the first people to encourage her teammates during practices.”

LaMarche has been an integral member of Andover Girls Hockey since she started at Andover her Lower year.

“As Captain, I focus on the team dynamic and making sure that we are one cohesive group. Its really important to me that we act like a team on and off the ice,” said LaMarche.

LaMarche is a right wing on Andover’s offensive front and inspires her teammates through her passion and spirit.

“Renée is a fireball. She always gets everyone pumped up during games and practices. She has really high expectations of our capabilities as a team which inspires each of us to do our best,” added Kelly McCarthy ’16.

“Renée always has a lot of contagious energy that spreads throughout the team like wildfire. She has been really welcoming to the new players, which has converted to a healthy team chemistry on the ice,” said Sorkin.

“I’m so proud to be Captain of such a fabulous group of girls. This team is like a family to me and I can’t imagine what life at Andover would be like without them,” said LaMarche.

To promote team chemistry, Morin and LaMarche organize nightly team dinners, engage in team activities, such as a “Secret Santa” gift exchange, and play bonding games on long team bus rides.

“We really come together as a team during our off-the-ice workouts every Monday. We always perform at our highest intensity and push each other to go faster and improve,” said Morin.

“Our team is gelling this year. If we keep showing up to every practice and game with consistent energy and drive, we will be very successful,” she continued.

LaMarche and Morin will continue to motivate their team and hope to improve its 2-4 record.