Strategic Planning: Students to Provide Input for 2014 Strategic Plan

On Tuesday, November 5, the Senior Administrative Council (SAC) will conduct a student survey during Conference Period in order to solicit student input for Andover’s Strategic Plan.

The new Strategic Plan, to be completed this year, will outline Andover’s priorities for the coming years. The Strategic Plan will culminate in a presentation presented to the Board of Trustees in the fall of 2014. To do so, the SAC has made incorporating input from students, trustees, faculty and alumni a priority. Last month, the faculty completed “Dreams for Andover,” a brainstorm where faculty wrote down what they thought the Strategic Plan should address. The SAC will have students state their ideas for the direction they wish to see Andover moving in over the next three to five years. The survey will be conducted via Stormboard, an online whiteboard with virtual sticky notes, according to Rachel Skiffer, Dean of Policy and Strategic Planning.

“What things do they love about Andover? What suggestions do they have for what Andover could be doing better?” said Skiffer. “We did want to provide a forum for students to brainstorm ideas in much the same way that faculty did and administrators and staff will do,” she added. The SAC plans to conduct activities with Andover alumni and trustees with the similar goal to generate input for the Strategic Plan, according to Skiffer.

The members of the SAC include Steve Carter, Chief Financial Officer, Pat Farrell, Dean of Faculty, Linda Griffith, Dean of Community and Multicultural Development, Nancy Jeton, Special Assistant to the Head of School, Sean Logan, Director of College Counseling, Paul Murphy, Dean of Students and Residential Life, Head of School John Palfrey, Peter Ramsey, Secretary of the Academy, Trish Russell, Dean of Studies, Rachel Skiffer, Dean of Policy and Strategic Planning, Tracy Sweet, Director of Academy Communications, and Jim Ventre, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid.