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Look of the Week: Evie Tackett ’15: Wearing Her Personality

In her favorite black polka-dotted skater dress, gray Doc Martens, stud earrings, Evie Tackett ’15 stands out from the crowd in her favorite outfit. Disregarding existing trends and styles, Tackett opts for clothes and hairstyles that highlight her confidence and love for eye-catching colors, as demonstrated by her decision to dye her hair dark red over the summer.

“I’ve always wanted to dye my hair ever since I was little. I wanted purple streaks for the longest time. My mom was all for it, but my dad always said no. And then I came here, and I finally convinced my parents to let me dye the ends,” said Tackett. She considers dying her hair a major element of her personal self-expression.

For Tackett, fashion is a balancing act as she walks the fine line between wilder and tamer styles.

“For example, [the skirt I’m wearing] is a very bright blue. It’s got a high-low hem, so I wouldn’t want to pair that with stripes or anything. I’d pair it with something plain like a black tank top,” said Tackett.

“The best thing about Evie’s style is how it reflects her personality. Everything she wears is so bright and one-of-a-kind. Most people would never think to wear some of Evie’s more exotic outfit combos, but she always pulls them off with grace and beauty,” said John Gorton ’15.

Another typical look that Tackett might don on any given day is a colorful graphic T-shirt and black jeggings or a bright chiffon skirt with ripped tights. She loves to pair looks with her pale blue low-top Converse sneakers and accessorizes with multiple studs in her ears.

“I have so many T-shirts. Almost all of them are men’s sizes… I’ll see a shirt that I think is funny, and I’ll buy it. I have a shirt [that’s inspired by the game ‘Operation’] that says, ‘You Removed My What?’ It’s really soft and comfortable to wear,” said Tackett.

In addition to considering comfort when shopping, Tackett is also drawn to articles of clothing that are reminiscent of nature or are full of bright colors and patterns.

“Whenever I see something that reminds me of nature, like something with flowers, I’ll get it. I love flowers so much. Plus, [bright colors] just make me feel good. I love rainbow colors!” said Tackett on her tendency to implement vivid colors into her daily wardrobe choices.