Strong Showing From All Boats at NMH

Andover Boys Crew rowed its way to victory this past weekend in its greatest show of overall boat speed and teamwork so far this season, setting a new course record at NMH. The team beat NMH and Hingham in all seven races, and this was the first weekend that all seven Andover boats came in first. In addition to B1’s record-breaking performance, B3 had its best race of the season, finishing the day with the second best time behind Andover’s B1. Setting a new course record helped the rowers gain confidence for the New England Interscholastic Rowing Association championships (NEIRAs) that are coming up this weekend. NEIRAs is a regional championship regatta for the top crew teams in the six New England states and will be the toughest race of the season. The team is looking to continue its success at NEIRAs this weekend and will be working extra hard in practice to prepare for the season closer. “Every day has been better than the day before….We have what it takes to win, and we want it, but then again everyone wants it. We just have to go out there and have fun,” said Greer Sallick ’14. B2 continued its winning streak to finish off a successful regular season strongly. The race was a great feat for the boat, for it has had many alterations to its lineup and has been focusing on team camaraderie in practice. The members of the boat have also been focusing on boat speed and power. “We have worked very hard the past few weeks and it is beginning to pay of,” said Jake Rauh ’15, the coxswain for B2. “We had a great race against NMH and Hingham, and we are continuing to get faster.” Andover will be put to the test at NEIRA’s, and the team will be practicing extra hard to train for this weekend’s race. “What is important for us next weekend at New England’s is to get more aggressive and focus on rowing hard as well as rowing well,” said Rob Irvin ’15. Andover is looking to continue its success at NEIRA’s this Saturday in Worcester.