The Eighth Page

A Warm Welcome Back from Features and our Sponsors

Polish your sunglasses, iron your shorts, break out your frisbees, dust off your portable hammocks and then put them all away, because it is still damn cold outside; our steps are springless. But, fear not Phillips Academy, the day will come. The day when we can wear shorts and not have to pretend we are not cold while everyone looks at us disapprovingly. The day when it will actually be as nice as it looks outside. The day when cutting class to play four-square just does not seem like that bad of an idea. This is the term the Seniors have so greatly anticipated and the Juniors, entranced by stories of lawning and shirtless discing, have stayed up nights yearning for. This is the term of flings and swings and swings from flings and flings from flings. This is the term when multiplication just makes more sense and grades come easy. This is the term to stop and smell the roses and then cut that rose and give it to someone you care about. This is the time to take care of all those lemons life has been giving us. Join us Phillips Academy. Join us in breaking free from the chrysalis of winter to emerge as behemoth beautiful butterflies. And as we spread our new pastel wings and taste the sweet, sweet nectar of life, remember these wise words from Langston Hughes,


Folks, I’m telling you,

Birthing is hard

And Dying is mean

So get yourself

Some loving in between

Let us take this time to enjoy life, school, friends, family, sports and everything in between. Spread the love Phillips Academy, it is that time..

With love,

Features CXXXVI