Campus is Cookin’:Iced Coffee

Tired of your everyday cup of joe? Is the espresso machine line too long? Looking for a new beverage to give you that early morning kick? Try treating yourself to a chilly, refreshing cup of ice coffee for a different way to combat sleep deprivation. Start making this delicious caffeinated beverage by filling up a paper Commons cup with ice. Get another cup and fill it halfway to the top with your favorite coffee from the hot drinks station. The amount of ingredients to add for a delightful cup depends on your personal taste, so experiment with varying amounts and different types until you find your perfect combination. Milk, skim milk and other sweeteners work just fine, but the combination of half coffee, half cream and a little bit of sugar give the coffee the best texture and taste. If you’re looking for a taste of mocha, add a scoop or two of hot chocolate powder. Keep in mind that the ice will dilute the beverage, so don’t worry if it initially tastes too sweet. Slowly pour in half of the ice cubes from your first paper cup. This will bring the coffee’s temperature up to room temperature so when you add the rest of the ice cubes, they won’t completely melt. Give it a final stir and enjoy! Both easy and fast to make, iced coffee can be a quick caffeine fix between classes, spicing up your regular cup of coffee.