Bernhard ’14 Avenges Earlier Loss to Brooks

Andover Girls Squash placed ninth at New England’s last weekend, where it faced-off against the top 16 schools in the league’s A draw.

The team was originally seeded 12th but ended up finishing ahead of numerous schools that it had fallen to in the regular season. After finishing seventh in the B draw in 2010 and finishing 13th in the A draw in 2011, the squad stepped up its game to place in the top 10 of the A draw this year.

Captain Adele Bernhard ’14 continued her stellar play at the first seed and overcame the number one Brooks player against whom she lost in the regular season. Bernhard also captured a win in four games against a Sacred Heart opponent to whom she lost at Nationals.

Jessica Lee ’13 said, “Our final standing as number nine at Interschols revealed how much the team has improved. This year we were beating teams that we would never have beaten in previous seasons. I think this really speaks to our team as a whole. Our dedication to the sport and to one another has made this season both fun and successful for everyone.”

Madeleine Mayhew ’15 had an exceptional performance and finished seventh in the third draw of the tournament. After losing a tough match to a competitive Taft opponent, she sought redemption in her final match against a strong Milton adversary.

“Maddie had a great tournament; her last match was an awesome win against a strong number three at Milton, but Maddie was able to beat her through her competence and diligence. She figures out who she’s playing against and learns how to adjust to their play,” said Coach Jennifer Elliott of Mayhew’s strategic play.

Finishing ninth in the number five draw, Hannah Burns ’15 won two matches by default. Though she lost a tight nail-bitting match against a competitive Choate player in her first match of the day, she won her next three.

Lee finished 13th in the number two draw. She was challenged by a tough Deerfield opponent in the first round but was able to beat her Brooks opponent later in the tournament. In her last match of the day, Lee had a stellar victory and beat out the number two Exeter player.

Camille Price ’15 also had a strong showing in the tournament. She beat her Exeter opponent, but she dropped her following matches to finish 10th in the fourth draw. She fought a hard second match against Deerfield and suffered another tough loss against an opponent from Greenwich who ultimately won the draw.

Maintaining her spot on top, Catherine Choi ’13 beat her Exeter competition at sixth seed for the second time of the week and finished 12th in the draw.

Emma Crowe ’15 also had a noteworthy win against her Milton opponent after losing to her previously in the regular season.

After ending its season on a high note, Andover looks forward to another successful season next year.