Valentine’s Day Drama Labs

Though the usual line to get into the Drama Labs was a bit shorter this week due to the long weekend, the Drama Labs successfully presented a warm and comedic Valentine’s Day production. The producers of the Drama Labs decorated the simple black walls of the Theatre Classroom with bright pink and red construction paper hearts. White and pink streamers added a spark of color to the room. There was only one production this weekend, “Hey Neighbor!” directed by Arianna Chang ’12. The play consisted of a full cast from the Class of 2014, starring Harry Wright, Emmie Avvakumova, Kai Kornegay, and Adella Pierre. “Miranda [Haymon ’12] was the producer of Arianna’s Drama Lab, but when you’re dealing with an accomplished director like Arianna, the job is relatively easy, as you know the show is in more than capable hands,” said Andrew Schlager ’12. In the play, Cary Kinder, played by Wright, is dancing along to his Valentine’s Day themed music as he sets the table and waits for his date, Judy, played by Avvakumova. Shortly after, Judy calls to cancel the date and says that she has to go to a boring meeting with her boss at the yacht club. Saddened by the news, Cary sits on the couch, when the doorbell rings and Kate Smart, played by Kornegay, enters. Kate has just moved into the building and subtly lies to get into Cary’s apartment. Once she is inside, Kate tells Cary the truth: she is in search of a pretend husband to meet her mother, Mrs. Smart, played by Pierre. But this plan goes wrong when Judy and Kate surprisingly meet, with Cary in the guise of Judy’s husband, and Judy yells at Cary for not acting responsibly to his wife and child. As Avvakumova and Wright performed this scene, laughter erupted from the audience. Kornegay, a first-timer in Drama Labs, felt the show was succesful. She said, “My character [Kate] was a little crazy! She was crazier than I normally am, so I enjoyed it.” “Acting allows you to be someone that you aren’t and allows you to live vicariously through this really awesome character,” Kornegay continued. Kornegay also noted the challenges inherent in portraying her character. “The hardest thing for me to portray as an actress was to seem like I actually wanted a husband,” she said. The audience members loved the performance, noting its extensive preparation and humor. “The actors did a good job and I could tell that they prepared and spent a lot of time decorating,” said Vanessa Shrestha ’14. “I thought the show was hilarious, and I really thought it went along well with the Valentines Day theme. The actors did a great job, and the set was really creative,” said Emilia Figliomeni ’14.