The Eighth Page

Features Dabbles in Limericks

The Garver Room is a place quite quiet,

The room where fun goes on a diet.

It’s silent you say,

But to that I say nay,

Come on everyone, LET’S RIOT!

There are some who would say that PA

is worth only diploma day

But those in the know

Will say it ain’t so

I wrote this all, lawl JK.

Homework, that mysterious thing,

All it takes is a beep or ring.

Automatic reaction,

It’s a fatal distraction,

Now to classes you’ve nothing to bring.

I wake up with a start, still in a trance,

Writing on my arm, I think it says “Lance”

Last night is a blur,

But I can infer,

Something weird happened at the Gelb Dance.

Pressure in my head not abating,

To Isham I went after debating

To ease my pain,

Yet here I remain,

Hours later, still waiting.

Sports where each athlete has their own luster,

With all the enthusiasm they can muster.

The champions compete,

At a level so elite,

It could only be known as cluster.

There once was a section called Features,

They were often scolded by preachers.

Sensational stories,

Inappropriate allegories,

And got punished by one of the teachers.

I rose later than the sun,

Through the day I had much fun,

I’m sorry to say,

On Head of School Day,

None of my homework was done.

There once was a writer from Features,

He had homework from all of his teachers,

He couldn’t think of a rhyme,

And he ran out of time,

As a writer, he’s now stuck in bleachers.

9 AM and already fried my brains,

Trying to calculate angles on planes,

Go to Paresky,

And cry like a banshee,

When no drop of coffee remains.

There once was a girl from PKN

By scale she was clearly a ten.

She had two glaring flaws,

She had no hands, just paws,

She was a dog, and not a human.

Staff, students and vacationers (beachers),

All want to know about these magical creatures.

With looks so stunning,

And wits so cunning,

They must be writers for Features.