The Eighth Page

Campus is Cookin’: SpiceCream MMM… Yummy in my Tummy!

We all love ice cream. It really is one of the tastiest treats to have after devouring the scrumptious meals at Commons. We have an abundant and tasty supply of frozen yogurt at our school including savory flavors such as “Chocolate Dream,” “Coffee” and “Vanilla.”

Frozen yogurt is a delightful dessert, but it really lacks the zest and taste of hard ice cream. To create hard ice cream, we find an eight gallon bucket to mix cream, milk and the yogurt. Mix the ingredients gingerly to churn the ice cream to perfection. Get all of your friends to jump in as this quick process only takes about 10 hours. After forming the hard ice cream, we need to add the toppings necessary to really make this sweet treat truly amazing.

Head over to Waldy, the master stir fry cook, and ask him to give you samples of “Sweet and Sour” and “Hot Chili” sauce. Both of these sauces should be mixed together to form a tasty sauce. To add a salty facet to the ice cream, grab some of the boogers from your nose and place them in there. Boogers are best roasted, so find a barbeque grill and put those suckers on for about 1 hour.

Ooooh that just sounds tasty in my mouth! Finally, journey over to India to find some of the spiciest peppers in the world, and sprinkle in approximately one gallon of these peppers to the ice cream mixture along with those delightful toppings!

The biggest plus about this ice cream is that it is impossible to eat. It’s just that spicy! You can attempt to eat this delicious treat and break world records in the process!

Next week at Farts, we will look into making a puke custard! See yeah later!