The Drama Lab

Mongolian Idiot,” directed by Miranda Haymon ‘12 and “Your Mother’s Butt,” directed by Stephanie Kim ’13 both feature hilarious, and dramatic comedies that will fill the theatre classroom with laughter. Arts sat in on rehearsals of both shows, and here is a preview. “Mongolian Idiot” This dramalab pointedly hits upon the complicated relationship between a smitten, confused student and his high school teacher. Protagonist Henderson, portrayed by Nick Tonckens ’12, is a confident high school senior who has high aspirations and a huge crush on his strict and elegant history teacher Ms. Peyton, played by Casey Durant ’14. Throughout five scenes, Henderson journeys through his complicated feelings for Ms. Peyton, going to great lengths to please her, but Ms. Peyton struggles to break through his lust and to try to instruct Henderson in history. “The interaction between the characters is absolutely precious and adorable, and it’s funny to watch,” said director Haymon. “[Mongolian Idiot] is a little bit awkward, but it’s that good awkward that teenagers eat up and spit out and then eat again because it tasted so good the first time.” Through thoughtful drama and sarcastic hilarity, the audience is sure to see Henderson’s love peak and dip. “Henderson undergoes many internal conflicts – the desire for his teacher versus the knowledge that it can never be, and the drive for success versus the apathy of a teenager,” said Tonckens. “This kind of dramatic comedy is cool, coming of age tale. The romantic subplot is very much one-way, which is the source of the comedy,” continued Tonckens. “Peyton is a very tough teacher, you know you ‘hear about her [type of character since] the first grade,’” said Durant. In addition to the knotted one- sided romance between teacher and student, Tonckens’s comical dancing and the boner scenes in the brief play are sure to delight and amuse. Throughout the dramalab, Ms. Peyton also offers important life lessons. How will the relationship play out? See for yourself this Friday. “Your Mother’s Butt” The title already foreshadows the humor. “Your Mother’s Butt,” directed by Stephanie Kim ’13, is sure to have audience members clutching their stomachs in laughter. The dramalab deals with a failed psychiatric consult. Kaitlin Poor ’13 portrays a frustrated psychologist, who tries repeatedly to work with and guide her client, Andrew Ramsey ’14. Failing to induce the release of anger the psychologist desires from her client, Poor gets increasingly aggressive, as she attempts to hit a nerve or cause an epiphany in the client. He ends up complaining about his life and veering off-topic with wacky tangents instead, usually pertaining to fashion or style. “The client’s focus on fashion and his sense of humor are so important to him that one cannot help notice it,” said Ramsey. At one point, he even rants about an ostrich belt. “These comments, that are just totally irrelevant to what I asked him, and his unresponsiveness, is frustrating,” said Poor . First-time director Kim hopes “Your Mother’s Butt” will keep the audience that the comedy will keep the audience laughing. And indeed it will, as “Your Mother’s Butt” encompasses a wealth of jokes and humorous statements. “Andrew really fits in with the character of the client because he has the same kind of quirky energy as the client does,” said Kim. “Although the roles of the client and psychologist may both be somewhat stereotypical at first glance, there is so much to work with here and so much to experiment with within the comedic setting of the show that it is quite frankly an ever-changing show,” said Ramsey. With the dynamic and ever changing emotions and distractions of the client, will the psychologist succeed in helping him find his path and solve his problems?