Student Spotlight: Auggie Horner ’14 Makes an Early Andover Debut

Since he arrived at Andover in the fall, Auggie Horner ’14 has already made a splash onto PA’s music and theater scene. Hailing from New York City, he has charmed the student body with his enthusiastic stage presence.

A fixture in DramaLabs and the upcoming 24 Hour Plays, he skillfully trades his own effervescent personality for the demeanor of any character onstage.

The only freshman in the Yorkies, Auggie uses his sweet voice to perform numerous solos and harmonize perfectly with the rest of the group. Auggie’s vocal and theatrical talents are sure to make him a presence in the arts for the next four years to come.

Q: What arts related activites do you participate in around campus?

A: I have acted in various DramaLabs, I sing in the Yorkies, and I am in this term’s 24 hour plays.

Q: How has your experience in the Yorkies been?

A: Singing a capella with talented upperclassmen is not only inspiring but will definitely improve my singing for the future.

Q: What is it like being the only freshman in the Yorkies?

A: Having so many years to go definitely leaves room for improvement and more friends to be made in the group. I look forward to singing with three more generations of Yorkies. All the upperclassmen guide me both musically and as friends.

Q: What part do you sing in the Yorkies?

A: I sing Tenor 1, which is the highest part. Ricky Marcotte ’11 and Sky Yoo ’11 are also tenors.

Q: When did you first discover your love of singing?

A: I never really knew that I could sing until seventh or eighth grade when my piano teacher pushed me to perform at my old school.

Q: What was favorite song that you performed with the Yorkies so far?

A: “Good Ol’ A Capella” because it’s a great classic.

Q: Who are your musical inspirations?

A: Billy Joel, because of his talents as a performer and songwriter. I also admire Micheal Buble for his artful combination of jazz and pop.

Q: What upcoming performances can PA expect from the Yorkies?

A: We will be performing a Lion King medley at the Abbot Cabaret. We will also be performing “Brown Eyed Girl” in the near future and there will certainly be some more performances during the year.

Q: Describe the experience you had during your first DramaLab, “Tainted Love.”

A: My Director, Kennedy Edmonds ’12, was great. He really got an emotional sense of the text, which not only involves complex emotions but bounces around from blissful love to malicious conflict. In the first few rehearsals, I didn’t open up as much as I could have, especially in the highly emotional scenes. Susannah Hyde ’13 quickly got a sense of her role and ended up with a stunning performance on stage.

Q: Are you looking forward to the 24 Hour Plays?

A: I think the idea is interesting, to produce an audience worthy piece of theater in less than a day is a marvelous accomplishment. It will be a struggle, but no doubt I will have a lot of fun.