Campus is Cookin’: The Quesadilla Pita

One of the best parts about going home for break is always eating delicious home-cooked dishes. I looked forward to cinnamon French toast, oatmeal cookies and pasta primavera. After a few weeks at home, however, I start missing a few favorite Commons meals, especially creations of my own. This quesadilla pita makes me excited to come back to school. This pita bread sandwich is part-quesadilla, part-panini and 100% spectacular. A combination of condiments provides a kick to this crisp, toasted pita, oozing with melted cheese and stuffed with cubes of tomato and shredded slices of ham. To start, put two to three light pumps of mayonnaise in a soup bowl. This is just a sort of binding agent which you won’t taste it in the final product. Stir about a spoonful of Dijon mustard into the mayo for a rich, spicy flavor. Add a dash of Tabasco, or more if you can handle the heat. Now it is time to add some filling. Tear a couple of slices of ham them into small slivers and stir them into the mixture, along with some cherry tomatoes, chopped into easy-to-eat pieces. Generously sprinkle in shredded cheddar cheese. At this point, things will start to get a little messy. Cut a round of pita bread in half, so you have two half-moon shaped pieces with pockets. In a salad bowl, mix together olive oil and a shake of pepper. Flip the pita halves in the oil so the surface is lightly covered. This will give add another layer of aromatic flavor and give the sandwich a scrumptious crunch later. Using a spoon, stuff the pocket of each half with cheese filling, smoothing it out to a thickness of roughly half an inch. Grill the pitas in the panini press until the cheese is bubbling and the bread is golden brown. Slice into wedges, and share with friends, or enjoy the whole creation yourself!