Counsel From The Council

Dear Phillipians, For most of us these past few weeks of Andover have been the usual, brimming with class work, clubs, and sports; however, for some of us they have been trying, exhausting ordeals, whose consequences still resound through Wellness Week. It is necessary to address these issues, recognize their origins, and understand their impact on campus but, all the while, just as crucial, to heed the fact that this is, has been, and always will be a beautiful blue. As Dr. Steinberg put it at our recent all school meeting: take a second to breathe. We are so privileged to be part of the Andover tradition and to who have walked the same grounds as those monumental emeriti and alumni before us. I feel at times we get caught up in the details, lost in the pitfalls of daily life. We forget that our school is 232 years old; that our endowment is larger than many liberal arts colleges’; that our admissions is need blind; that our facilities are state of the art; and that our classrooms are run by the best of teachers. As ambitious individuals, we naturally strive for utopia and seek the best of ourselves and our community; however, at the same time, it is integral that we do not jeopardize our community by overextending elements of ourselves. What it comes down to is having a respect for our peers, our elders, and our academy’s history. The best way to understand this respect is through dialogue and recognizing that we here today are part of a much larger whole. Each student, teacher, and administrator has a unique vision of what Andover should be, and where our dreams collide is where we will look to advance as a school. We live in an incredibly accepting community that has incredibly high standards. We look to propel our good fortune and preserve our good name. We abide by the Blue Book as an ideal for success, but as blind adherence can fail us, administrators embody the text. We may question its practice, its ramifications, but always know that, albeit our stances may differ, we are all working together to create a better blue. This is what makes Andover so special, so dynamic, and so beautiful. Our perfectionism prevails, pervading through our campus culture, exhibited by club events and the integrity of our academic pursuits. We may disagree on the fine print of things, but, overall, I do not think I overstep my bounds by saying that we genuinely love it here. Our enthusiasm is indicative of our concern for the campus’s wellbeing, and this concern is what will continue to keep us accountable for our actions. For those student leaders invited to this year’s November 15th School Congress, this is how we will give back to our community and keep ourselves accountable! Our task to sound the student voice is a serious charge, an honor, and one I hope all invitees will find their duty. Together we make Andover strong, and it is important that, when we are weak, we seek the support of the networks set forth by our friends and the school. What’s present will pass and together we will surpass the obstacles imminent. So best of luck against Exeter, I’ll see you at Sadie, and warm wishes for those weak of wellness ahead. Thanksgiving will come too soon… All the best, Michael MacKay