Guzzi ’14 and Humes ’12 Net First Varsity Goals Against Middlesex

Co-Captain Courtney Macdonald ’11 scored an astounding goal off of a free kick from twenty-five feet out to cap off a 3-1 win over Rivers, and to conclude an undefeated week for Andover Girls Soccer. Andover also routed Middlesex 3-0 on Wednesday.

These two wins are a promising start for the team, which now raises its record to 2-0-1. “We have never had such young talent that’s ready to contribute right now,” said Head Coach Lisa Joel.

Despite a slow start in the first half against Rivers , Andover’s defense turned the game around and came up with a triumphant victory. “We have a different style of defending. No one on our team just dives in for a ball blindly, we play strong, team defense,” said Co-Captain Katherine Woonton ’11.

Andover’s goalkeeper, Emily Hoyt ’13 also helped turn the game around with a great effort in net. Macdonald said, “The 1st half was very scary. They had a lot of shots, but our goalie, Emily [Hoyt ’13], was amazing. She must have had at least 12 saves.”

While the backfield was impressive on Wednesday, conceding only one goal, the attack performed equally well. Hannah Guzzi ’14 and Leah Humes ’12 both scored their first varsity goals, both assisted by Kira Wyckoff ’11. Humes scored a great goal off of a throw-in, while Guzzy scored off a beautiful long ball.

Led by a two-goal performance from Guzzi, Andover destroyed Middlesex this Wednesday 3-0. Guzzi appears to be a huge asset in the Andover attack in the past two games, along with Humes who netted the third and final goal of the game for Andover.

Andover’s defense continued to keep up the pressure on the opposing offense, not letting up any goals, and allowing very few shots to challenge the keeper. Newcomers to the team Diana Tchadi ‘14 and Aly Wayne ’14 also played exceptionally well, while Woonton commanded the field with great poise in the center midfield as usual.

Andover has performed extremely well so far in the season, and Coach Joel has only had good things to say. “We have Courtney and Katherine, and they have been on this team since 9th graders. We couldn’t have asked for more out of our captains,” said Joel.

“Freshman Aly Wayne is extraordinary because every day she gives 150%, and plays with great confidence, and just knows the game so well,” she said. Andover also boasts one post-graduate, Clare Ashforth ’11, who, as Coach Joel says, “will play any position we ask her too because she is skilled enough and mature enough to do so.”

Andover looks as if they are ready to take on any team that comes their way, and plays at Loomis Chaffee this Saturday.