The Eighth Page

Other Contributions

Roses aren’t cool Violets are lame Why do people like this crap I guess Hallmark’s to blame Roses are der Violets are eulb It’s hard living with dyslexia You don’t have a eulc The soul is weeping It mourns the beauty of life But I know the truth -Arts Editor Sports is play to good Protein make me big and strong I am the man, bro – Sports Editors We are pretentious We treat opinions like fact We are always right -Commentary Editors My love for you is hard to see For I have no way to show it My last hope was poetry To show you my humor and wit But I guess we’re not meant to be For nothing rhymes with Zorthian -Cuthell Life is great I nap all day long And lick crotch -Cat Bow-wow, ruff Bark bark bark, woof woof Feed me now -Dog I can’t get it in This is harder than I thought That is what he said -First Time Needle Threader I will smack your face Off your face, it will be gone Make me a sandwich -Charlie Day I give no answers what is your interpretation such a great cop out -Anonymous English Teacher Documentary That date is totally wrong You get a three plus -Anonymous History Teacher Two plus two is five I hated math in school too so let’s go get high -Anonymous Math Teacher Ni hao bonjourno Ich habe muchos gatos Voulez-vous pene? -Anonymous Language Teacher Biology is the chemistry of physics, Ornithology -Anonymous Science Teacher What’s life, anyway? Is the world just a small speck? What am I saying? -Anonymous RelPhil Teacher Pictures and paintings Prints and pots, all start with P And you suck at art. -Anonymous Art Teacher Hey, what should I Do Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La Ti Do Sorry, bad habit -Anonymous Music Teacher Roses are blue violets are red That doesn’t sound right Whatever…. -Frustrated Poet