The Eighth Page


News: it’s the first thing you see when you buy The Phillipian. But who are the people behind that section you skip on your way to Features? Well, this year’s dangerous duo is Julia Dean and Alex Salton. Salton said he will do his best to make up for Julia’s deficiencies and carry the section, much the same way he is in this very picture. In response, Julia said, “Well News is cool. But, my true passion is UFC fighting. There’s nothing like watching Spike TV on a Saturday night with just a bag of beef jerky and a keg of non-alcoholic beer.” One thing is for certain: hard-hitting stories will be weekly events in this section. “If there’s not a good story, we have contacts out there who can make us one,” said Salton. “Like last year when those kids tried to steal the copper pipes. Yeah, that was us. I usually just write my stories at the beginning of the year and have people act them out throughout the year.” Salton and Dean will certainly be a beacon of honest, investigative journalism for the next year. You need look no further than their News section for the hardest-hitting stories from within the Andover bubble. They really are the picture of great journalism.