The Eighth Page


The Arts Section. It’s hard to comprehend the plethora of negative feelings we have toward this section. The ridiculous articles and artsy material forced upon the student body every week produce a pain within our funny bones that is hard to bear. But it’s a new board, and we want to stay impartial to Arts and its new editors (even though they stink). Whether there is an orchestra concerto or student breaking the boundaries of interpretive dance, Arts is on the scene. Like a police dog, they sniff out student fashionistas and gifted musicians (and the occasional Colombian drug lord). But what makes these two editors tick? What drives them to produce a section they know only attracts skepticism from their much funnier, less artsy counterparts? We asked Arts Editor Steve Kim : “I don’t appreciate you guys comparing the Arts section to a hybrid of the bubonic plague and kitten vomit.” “We plan to continue our most popular section, ‘Look of the Week.’” said Stephanie Liu. And to this, we say, “Yay! Every week we get to look at a bunch of people who all dress with the same artsy, thrift store, New York style. It’s so incredibly riveting!” The Arts section never ceases to impress. We honestly thought there was a point where they couldn’t get any worse. They have not gotten there yet.