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Blazed and Confused Tour: Snoop Dogg, Warren G & Slightly Stoopid Rock the Comcast Center

Snoop Dogg came to The Comcast Center, like, last Thursday or something. The show was basically what you’d get if you mixed a griffin with like… a python and… um, a lemur. Just freaking mindblowing, like WHAAAAAAAA! So there’s these guys who get on stage, they’re pretty much all, um… on stage like, “We’re Slightly Stoopid, we’re the opening band, so we play songs and stuff,” and the crowd is just all like, “Yeeeeeeeeeeeee man, songs are cool,” you know? People dug it so hard, it was sick. Then the guy made, like, a Big Lebowski reference on stage, and all the people in the crowd were like, “I’ve seen that movie, man!” and the guy who told the joke was, like, “Yeah, right?” It was, like, so… dope. Like, transcendent, and funny and stuff. Then, um… what’s his name… um… yeah, Snoop Dogg came on stage, and he was, like, wearing sunglasses that looked like they cost like, twelve-teen zabillion dollars, which was pretty ill. And the, um… video screen behind him was showing what looked like, a hybrid between a llama and, like, a greyhound and, um… a pair of freshly ironed khaki pants. The goat could’ve been wearing the pants or something, I kinda like, forget, I guess. The pants could have been on his head or, um… torso, maybe. But the goat was on the screen just doing it’s thing, so that was, like, hella stupendous. The goat also had, um… fur. Or hair, or whatever. Fur is pretty dank invention by God, says… says, um… this humble observer. So are Bugles. Ahhhhh, dude, soooooooo good. Anyway, Snoop started singing this, um… song about drinking juice and having sex with girls, and then Warren G came out and was like, “I, too, like doing both of those things, also!” And I’m like, “Worddddddd, I… basically… um… wholeheartedly agree with you, man.” So the three of us were all, like… in harmony with all the constellations and the, um… ancient, like, Gods and stuff, which is always, like… mad dank. My boy Ralphie was there too… and he was, um… feeling the track pretty hard, so he was all, like… in tune with my aura and everything. He was, like, moving his hand back and forth in front of his face, which was like… um… pretty magnificent, I thought. Then, like, all of a sudden, the stage starts looking, like… really lucid, like super, um… focused, and stuff. It was probably the, um… whatchamacallits… um… the lights flashing all over the place. Have you ever thought about, like… how many lights there are in, like, Massachusetts? Probably like… so many. Like, over a hundred, no doubt. Oh my god, dude, No Doubt was, um… such a good band. Gwen Stefani was dank, the other guys were, like… totally screwing up her mellow vibes. I don’t know, but like, overall, they were just a pretty, um… chill group of, like, music… people. Oh yeah, the show was, like, mad good. Go and see, um… the show, I guess.