Look of the Week: Georgia Pelletier ’11

The impeccable style of Georgia Pelletier ’11 does not so much rely on an interesting inventory of clothing, but more on her ability to combine the right colors and clothes to create an individual style unseen on anyone else at Phillips Academy. A two-year lower from California, Pelletier brings a fresh fashion statement to each day. Pelletier is able to put a unique twist on classic apparel. Her style is inspired by “the 20th century, her mood, ballet, weather and even menswear.” Though at first glance these influences do not seem related, Pelletier effectively balances each taste, creating a aura, subtle and chic. Her trademark mélange-wear is a frame flattering get-up consisting of an over-sized cardigan over leggings. This, in combination with the right accessories, such as a pearl necklace or an old watch, collectively completes her signature style. Pelletier said that she most enjoys wearing “socks, watches, coats, tights and anything silver.” Colors are essential to complete an outfit and Pelletier sets off just the right hues by pairing muted, tissuey pastels with bold, metallic accessories. In addition to pastels, Pelletier commonly goes with an earth tone color scheme. “I prefer winter for its darker, more natural colors,” said Pelletier. Most students dress for comfort, and Pelletier is no exception. While other students may grab sweatpants and a t-shirt in the morning, Pelletier would opt for a soft sweater and a skirt. Thus, she achieves her goal of “dressing for a combination of comfort and appearance.” Although many students wear jeans on a regular basis, Pelletier avoids the common comfort because she “finds denim to be horribly uncomfortable.” She takes to heart the significance of finding clothes she enjoys wearing. Pelletier mixes and matches clothing that have a great range of prices. Attaining a fashion similar to that of Pelletier’s can be accomplished without spending lots of money. “I get my clothes from a variety of places, including department stores, my mother’s closet and sometimes directly from designers. I try to mix older, often used clothing, with a few newer, nicer items as well,” Pelletier said. Pelletier shows that people who want to maintain high fashion can do so without the extravagant cost. A great way to describe Pelletier’s style is a faded silhouette of a brightly colored flower: casual, but elegant, and always classy. Overall, Pelletier is an excellent example of the marriage of comfort and affordability, while maintaining a standard of high fashion.