Non Sibi Super Somnis

The Phillipian congratulates Chad Green, Alana Rush, Zach Hobbs and everyone at the Community Service Office on a successful Non Sibi Day. We have heard that staff members stayed at their offices late into the night last week to plan the day and we appreciate their tremendous hard work. It paid off. And when poison ivy, missing students or other logistical issues arose on Saturday, coordinators and faculty tackled them creatively – buying calamine lotion, volunteering their own cars and otherwise embodying the spirit of cooperation and selflessness that the day is all about. A single suggestion: many students were inspired by the work they did at Non Sibi Day and, in the future, it would be a good idea to hold the event before sign-ups for community service for the year. That way, students could act on their newfound sense of civil duty right away, before the challenges and tribulations of fall term at Andover cause students to forget about any cause but their own.