Malin Adams

What is the single most important thing you would want to accomplish as president? Take the one-card system and don’t drop the ball on it. I want to work on expanding it to every student and every building on campus. How many hours of sleep do you get each night? Five Who has been the most influential adult in your Andover experience? My Life Issues teacher, Kennan Daniel [Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students], because she’s been an adult that has always been there and checked up on me. She helped me understand the school a bit better. What has been your favorite class at Andover? History 300 with Ms. [Tracy] Ainsworth. She’s actually just a really amazing teacher. She understands history enough that she immerses you in it. She relates it to the 21st century. What class do you wish you could take but know you never can? Ceramics If you could change one thing about Andover, what would it be? I would eliminate all the stress. Kids get too bogged down with stress and don’t even realize it. What do you want to do when you grow up? After college I’m going to get a job helping other people in some way. After that I want to go to business school and maybe go into consulting. Describe your ideal first date? It has to be romantic but something fun. It has to be something awesome like skydiving.