Food Bazaar

The plethora of authentic Asian dishes filled the Underwood Room with an enticing aroma, setting the scene for the Asian Arts Festival Food Bazaar. Clubs such as Andover Korean Society, Andover Japanese Connection, IndoPak and Chinese-Taiwanese Student Association, along with individual students showed off their cooking skills by making food from various Asian cultures. AKS had several popular menu items, including jap-chae, Korean noodles and Korean barbecue. AJC was also very popular with their dishes such as yakisoba and green tea ice cream, which proved to be one of the most refreshing desserts of the night. IndoPak sold many samosas, which are made of bread, potatoes, peas and love, an Indian ingredient. Finally, CTSA sold bubble tea and dumplings, both of which are traditional crowd-pleasers. There were also representatives of other countries such as Vietnam and the Phillippines (selling almond jelly fruit cocktail and other dishes). Students had very different opinions about their favorite dishes, but the sushi and the dumplings seemed to be the most popular. Jap-chae (Korean noodle) and Korean barbecue were also crowd-favorites. Despite the delicious food, there were many complaints about the prices. Almost every dish was about a dollar and many students said that they were not able to eat as much as they wanted to. Henry Metro ’10 said, “I haven’t eaten yet. [The food is] too expensive.” Additionally, many of the popular dishes sold out too quickly, such as the sushi, Korean barbecue and green tea ice cream. Hannah Lee ’10 said, “I wish I had more galbi. But they ran out.” The food bazaar as a whole, however, was a success and many people got to try new types of Asian dishes.