Weekly YouTube

As the thunderous wind batters against the flimsy windows of America House, I awake from another Kool-Aid and Cheetos induced coma. The fact of the matter is, I awoke from another fruitless attempt at an all-nighter. Here at Andover, we all come to terms with the fact that sometimes our sleep needs must come after our academic endeavors. Even though these late nights are tedious, I find a kindred appreciation with them. Studying hard with the lamp on late at night is something right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. While I lay smothered with Cheeto crumbs, I like to think of my resemblance to a work of art rather than something that is outright deplorable. One of the YouTube videos that kept me up so late this week is about art. “Sister Beatrice” is a parody of a dear, old friend of ours: Sister Wendy. Sister Wendy, the art-loving, glasses-clad, bucked-tooth nun of our dreams has delighted people all over the world with her jovial television programs. This lovely nun takes us to far-off museums to experience and see paintings and sculptures that we could only see in books. “Sister Beatrice” is a hilarious interpretation of this peculiar icon. In this video, we see “Sister Beatrice” roll around in the grass, play hopscotch and listen to her positively horrid interpretations of art. In her feeble voice, “Sister Beatrice” comments on an artist’s obsession with feet and undoes the integrity of three great works of art. For anyone who is a Sister Wendy fan, “Sister Beatrice” is a must see. This week’s next video is legendary. “Nema Nade” is an infectious video by the Croatian band Colonia. Colonia features a rather butch woman and two bearded European men. “Nema Nade” has everything expected from a European techno video: infectious beats and twenty-story-high speakers. Except for the line, “Let me see your body rock,” this video is sung exclusively in the seductive tongue of Croatian. This song can be watched for hours, and I recommend it if you love underground techno raves as much as I do. Enjoy these videos on your late nights. I promise they will not disappoint.