Cluster Deans: All Deans Support Breathalyzer, and Some Condone Less Severe ‘In the Presence’ Policy

Andover’s Cluster Deans are in support of the possible breathalyzer policy. The three Deans polled by The Phillipian, Abbot Cluster Dean Lisa Joel, West Quad South Cluster Dean Peter Washburn and Flagstaff Cluster Dean Clyfe Beckwith; all backed the addition of the Breathalyzer. “I can’t think of a reason not to support it,” said Mrs. Joel. Deans quoted in last week’s Phillipian said that the Breathalyzer would be beneficial for students’ safety, as well as helpful to exonerate innocent students accused of drinking. It would also address the issue of dishonesty within the community. The three Deans interviewed opposed random alcohol testing, even for prior offenders of Andover’s alcohol policy. Another Dean remained noncommittal. In last week’s Phillipian, the fifth Dean asserted potential support of random testing for prior substance abuse policy offenders. The administration does not plan to implement random testing of any kind. One dean indicated potential support for urine testing of prior offenders of Andover’s recreational drug policy, suggesting that it would be easier to find drugs in a student’s system than with breath testing. All three deans expressed interest in discussing a change in the Blue Book’s treatment of those in the presence of substance abuse. “Remaining in the presence of others who are breaking rules” is classified as a major rule violation for which a student could sit before a disciplinary committee. This information is on page 30 of the Blue Book Said Mrs. Joel, “By and large, the two responses [for those drinking and those in the presence of drinking] are the same. I would support lessening the punishment for students who are in the presence of alcohol, provided they weren’t drinking, though I think they should still be punished.”